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Optodyne designs, manufactures, and markets laser based precision measurement equipment for machine tool calibration and compensation, precision positioning and feedback, linear measuring machine enhancement, and vibration sensors. Calibration and compensation using the latest laser vector technique 3D volumetric positioning errors (3 linear displacement errors, 6 straightness errors and 3 squareness errors) of a machining center can be measured in a few hours instead of a few days. The pitch and yaw angular errors can also be measured by a dual-beam laser system or a single laser system with repeated measurement. More details can be found in the brochures, down below by model numbers or in the Application Notes and Technical Articles

Laser Doppler Scale
LDS-1000 Precision Linear Positioning   LDS-2000 Precision Positioning with Environmental Compensation  
LDS-3000 Precision Positioning System for IBM PC Compatibles      



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