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CNC Machine Tool Ball Screw Pitch Error Measurement Video Series - "The Power of Simplicity" 

Welcome to our first video series providing a visual demonstration and background on how to set up and use the Optodyne laser for CNC (computerized numeric control) calibration. Optodyne’s own Edmund Huang will provide a thorough demonstration during the three-part video series. The first video introduces you to Optodyne’s MCV-500 model. Make sure to check back for upcoming videos covering how to set up the laser and automatically record data.

CNC Machine Tool Ball Screw Pitch Error Measurement Video Series –  ( Part 1 - Introduction)

In this first video Edmund explains how Optodyne’s MCV-500 is an industry leader for machine tool calibration, as it’s accurate to better than half-parts per million. This laser is also the smallest in the industry, measuring a mere 2" X 2" and just 8" long. This is the most flexible design on the market and can be easily fitted with add-ons to measure all 21 machine errors.

The unique single-aperture laser is based on Optodyne’s patented Doppler displacement technology, which eliminates the need for:

·         An external interferometer

·         Bulky optics

·         Tripod use

Using Optodyne’s MCV-500 simplifies the entire setup process, giving you more time to perform measurements and compensation, as well as rendering traditional interferometer lasers obsolete. Make sure to check back as Edmund will provide an in-depth demonstration on how to set up this Optodyne laser.

CNC Machine Tool Ball Screw Pitch Error Measurement Video Series –  ( Part 2 - Laser Alignment)

In part two of our three-part video series, Edmund gives us a visual demonstration of how to properly align Optodyne’s laser to perform CNC machine tool ball-screw pitch-error measurement with ease. It’s important to calibrate all CNC machines, but many companies refrain from doing so for the following reasons:

·         Unaware that the linear pitch errors can be compensated within a CNC machine.

·         Too time-consuming and difficult. Lack the appropriate skills in-house or the process is too expensive.

·         Calibration system owned is too complex, impractical or too large and difficult to transport.

All of these problems are addressed by Optodyne’s laser-calibration system. Traditional interferometer laser calibration involves a three-point alignment process and incorporates a laser on a tripod, an external-mounted interferometer and a retro reflector target. This is very difficult to setup and it is complex to perform the measurement. All of the bulky components are reduced and placed inside Optodyne’s laser using our patented LDDM technology.

In the video, Edmund provides a complete demonstration of properly setting up the laser-alignment system on the X-axis of a CNC machine. Our systems are easy to mount directly on the machine, and our technology allows you to perform the laser linear alignment in just minutes, which will help you save time and money on a regular basis. Make sure to check back for the third installment of our video series when Edmund will show us how to properly set up the Optodyne LDDM metrology software with machine G-code, for automatic data collection of the ball-screw pitch-error measurement.

CNC Machine Tool 3D Volumetric Measurement Setup - "The Power of Simplicity" 

Welcome to our 3D Volumetric measurement setup demonstration video.  In the video Edmund provides a demonstration on how to perform 3D Sequential Diagonal measurement method with MCV-500 laser for CNC (computerized numeric control) calibration.   The Optodyne 3D Sequential Diagonal method allows displacement, straightness and squareness errors to be determined, and error compensation files to be generated to correct the machine position errors.   


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