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What is Laser Metrology?         

Metrology is the study and science of measurement. We specialize in laser metrology, the science and technology of performing measurements using our innovative laser systems.

Laser Doppler Displacement Meter (LDDM)

Our LDDM system features revolutionary technology which will change how manufacturers in all industries use the speed and efficiency of lasers for precise measurements and calibration. The LDDM laser system measures and enhances computer numerical control (CNC) and coordinate measuring machine (CMM), machine geometry and positional accuracy to help manufacturers:

         • Build better parts

         • Reduce waste

         • Save time and money

         • Improve end-to-end manufacturing ROI      

The LDDM laser system is offered in four unique series – MCV, LICS, LDS and VS – to meet the needs of various unique applications. Most of our LDDM laser systems can be customized to allow you the ability to measure greater distances, higher speeds, higher resolution and various beam diameters for accuracy and versatility.

LDDM laser systems are currently replacing traditional Michelson laser interferometer measurement equipment. Conventional interferometer lasers are complex and bulky, making it extremely difficult to set up inside CNC machines. Our lasers are designed to accommodate tight access and to allow our clients the use of their Optodyne laser system more often and with a greater variety of applications, including:

  • Quick troubleshooting

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Linear and 3D Volumetric Calibration (ISO 230-2, ASME B5.54, NMTBA, VDI, GB, JIS)

  • ISO 9001 quality requirements (AS9100, DIS 13485, TS 16949)

Protected by eight U.S. Patents and ISO 17925 accredited, our unique and easy-to-use technology saves your company time and money by improving the speed and efficiency of laser precision measurement, calibration, and compensation. Optodyne products are changing the way manufacturers create products, using an Optodyne laser versus conventional interferometer measurement equipment is comparable to flying across the country instead of driving, in terms of speed and efficiency.


LDDM vs. Michelson Interferometer

LDDM uses an electro-optical device which detects the Doppler shift of a laser frequency caused by a moving target to measure displacement with a high degree of accuracy. 

Conventional laser interferometers are based on the Michelson interferometer. There are two laser beams, the output beam and the return beam, which are parallel but displaced about 1", as shown in Fig. 1. Hence, large optics are required. Also, the alignment is critical, 3 elements have to be aligned on a parallel axis. The laser head is large and heavy, and a heavy tripod is needed to support the laser head.  This approach requires critical and time consuming alignments, and requires additional expertise and expense to perform measurements.

The single-aperture MCV-500 laser system is based on LDDM technology. The laser head is very compact ( 2” x 2” x 8.5” or 50mm x 50mm x 216mm) and is completed with stabilization digital and analog circuits, electro-optics, and photo-detectors. As shown in Fig. 1, the output beam and the return beam are coaxial and share the same aperture. Hence large optics is not required and also a flat-mirror can be used as a target. Since there are only two elements to be aligned, the alignment procedure is much simpler.

In addition, the compact size and lightweight of the laser head and optics allows the operator to mount the components to the machine directly with magnetic bases without the use of a tripod. Usually there is no need to dismantle the machine shrouding / protective enclosure panels to gain access, results in drastic reduction in time and effort needed for measurement or calibration.

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