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Optodyne designs, manufactures, and markets laser based precision measurement equipment for machine tool calibration and compensation, precision positioning and feedback, linear measuring machine enhancement, and vibration sensors.

The foundation of Optodyne's product line is the Laser Doppler Displacement Meter (LDDM). The LDDM provides an efficient and high-precision displacement measuring device. The technology, coupled with the instrument's small physical size and light weight, makes it ideal for many different applications requiring precise displacement measurements without the complexity, bulk, and investment in time required of interferometer systems.

Based on LDDM technology, we have developed the following series of products for different applications.  Most of our systems can be further customized for greater measurement distances, larger beam diameter and shifted operating temperature range to compensate for environmental requirements. 

MCV Series

This series is targeted for machine tool applications. In some combination, these packages measure linear displacement, pitch, yaw angles, straightness, surface flatness, parallelism, squareness and rotary angles. The new MCV-500 series is a compact system designed for the measurement and compensation of the “volumetric” errors and the dynamic performance of a CNC machine tool. The MCV-5000 series is designed for Aerospace large gantry type 5-axis machines.  The pitch and yaw angular errors can also be measured by a dual-beam laser system, MCV-2000 series, or a single laser system with repeated measurement.

Calibration and compensation using the latest laser vector technique, 3D volumetric positioning errors (3 linear displacement errors, 6 straightness errors and 3 squareness errors) of a machining center can be measured in a few hours instead of a few days.

LICS Series

The LICS series Laser Interferometer Calibration System including LICS-100, LICS-200, and LICS-300 are extremely compact systems for the measurement of linear displacement error, straightness and squareness errors. There are only 3 components: a laser head including the electronics and signal processor, a retroreflector as target, and a Notebook PC (not supplied) for data collection and analysis. The calibration is based on the ISO 230 or ASME B5.54 standard, and the measured errors can be used to generate compensation files for position error corrections. Automatic air temperature, barometric pressure and material temperature corrections are optional. It is extremely compact and fits into a small video camera bag.

LDS Series

The Laser Doppler Scale (LDS) series is designed for both precision and high speed positioning of machine tools, coordinate measuring machines (CMM), xy-stages and linear measuring machines. The LDS is compact, has high speed, high accuracy and long range capability and is affordable. The LDS is a single aperture laser system. With a multiple-pass optical adaptor, Angstrom resolution can be achieved for MEMS or nano-technology applications.

VS Series

This VS series is designed for non-contact vibration applications in hard disk drive assembly, xy-stages, and CNC machine tools. The vibration sensor measures low or high frequency vibration, velocity and acceleration, settling time, dynamic response, power spectra density, and shock response spectra. The frequency bandwidth is up to 400 kHz.




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