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Laser Doppler Displacement Meter

Linear, Angular and Flatness Calibration

OPTODYNE'S MCV-2002 Linear and Angular Machine Calibration Instrument calibrates CNC machine tools, CMM's (Coordinate Measuring Machines), and other precision measurement machines and stages. Angular, straightness and flatness measurements can be made "on the-fly". The unique dual beam design provides a rapid means to measure the surface flatness of surface plates, optical tables, machine tools, and bearing guides.

OPTODYNE'S machine calibration instruments are based on our proprietary and patented Laser Doppler Displacement Meter (LDDMTM) technology. The total system is compact providing easy, convenient storage and transporting. Easy set-up procedures reduce overall machine calibration time, especially where multiple axes are involved. This, coupled with a modest initial investment, provides continual savings.

The MCV-2002 dual beam system design provides the user a simple, easy-to-operate angular and linear capability in a single instrument. It is like "having two interferometers in one". One beam collects the angular data while the other beam monitors the linear position. The user friendly software, running on a laptop or notebook computer, collects and analyzes this data. The data can then be displayed on screen or printed in tabular or graphic form.


Simultaneous linear and angular data collection Compact and light-weight Easy to align and set-up Automatic data collection NIST traceable laser accuracy Long range and high speed No tripod and no interferometer On-the-fly measurement capability (Via Displacement) Windows software Automatic compensation for environmental factors NMTBA, VDI, ISO and BS standards


Calibration of surface plates Calibration of CNC machine tools Calibration of CMM's Check pitch and yaw angles of linear machines and XY-tables Measuring straightness of machine motion


The MCV-2002 Machine Calibration System features an environmental compensation sensor, which automatically adjusts the collected data for atmospheric temperature, barometric pressure and thermal expansion of the material of the axis being calibrated.

The  Windows  or  DOS  software  package  included  in  the MCV-2002    enables    the    user    to    collect    and    store measurements. Using the Moody method, flatness data can be converted into a surface height map.   Straightness plots can also be calculated from angular data. These plots can be printed as shown below:

Isometric surface plate plots from Optodyne's surface   flatness measurements

Vertical straightness of a machine axis




Dual beam laser head                                                                                                         L-104
Processor module with USB (RS-232 optional) Interface P-210 Dual retroreflector         R-103
Alignment kit (flatness and angle)                                                                                      LD-32
Adapter platform for DB                                                                                                     LD-14DB
Surface flatness kit                                                                                                            LD-24
12 ft. cable set                                                                                                                    LD-21L    
Linear calibration program                                                                                                  W-102
Angular measurement program                                                                                          W-103
Surface flatness measurement program                                                                            W-104
Automatic Temperature Compensation                                                                               IATC
90°beam bender & adaptor                                                                                                 LD-15A
Magnetic base                                                                                                                    LD-03


Carrying case                                          LD-20C
Surface plate straight edge                     LD-43
Notebook Computer                                 LTC 10
Digit LED Display                                      D-101


Laser Stability                                         ± 0.05 ppm
Linear Accuracy                                    ± 0.5 ppm (typical)
Angular Accuracy                                  ± 2%
Angular Resolution                                 1 microradian /0.2 arcsec
Flatness Resolution                                1 microinch
Max Angular Sweep                               ± 10 degrees
Max Distance                                          33 feet linear, 16 feet   angular    option: 66 feet/33 feet
Slew Rate                                               72 ips        
Power:                                                    90 to 230 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz


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