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Laser Doppler Displacement Meter

Linear Machine Calibration

OPTODYNE's MCV-500 Compact Linear Machine Calibration System, calibrates CNC machine tools, CMM's (Coordinate Measuring Machines), and other precision measuring machines and stages.

This new compact calibration system, based on the patented Laser Doppler Displacement Meter (LDDMT"') technology, is designed for easy setup and operation. The basic system, including Windows''' software, automatic compensation, (compensates for air temperature, barometric pressure, and material thermal expansion) and accessories are packaged at an extremely affordable price. The system is very compact and fits in one small carrying case.

The WindowsTM software, running on any IBM compatible computer, is user friendly and is designed to collect and analyze data in accordance with a variety of industry standards, such as NMTBA, VDI, ISO and ASME B5.54. The laser system is calibrated and traceable to NIST.


•  Compact and light-weight
•  Easy to setup and operate
•  Automatic data collection
•  NIST traceable laser accuracy
•  No tripod and no interferometer
•  WindowsTM' software
•  USB (RS-232 optional) interface
•  Automatic environmental compensation
•  Supports NMTBA, VDI, ISO and ASME B5.54 standards


•  Linear calibration of CNC machine tools, CMM's, Leadscrews, and DRO's
•  Quality control maintenance
•  Ultra precision positioning


The MCV-500 Machine Calibration System features environmental compensation sensors. These devices automatically adjust the collected data for air temperature, barometric pressure, and thermal expansion of the axis being calibrated. With the "Automatic Data Collection", the operator programs the table into position, the system automatically senses the table movement and data is collected after a user defined interval.

Average error plot from OPTODYNE's Metrology Software
run in accordance with NMTBA standards. (VDI 3441. ISO
and ASME B5.54 standards are also available)

A typical data plot by the Windows automatic data collection software.



Single aperture laser head L-109
Processor module USB Interface P-108D
½ " Diameter Retro-reflector R-102
Metrology/Analysis Program W-500
90 degree beam bender LD-37S
Magnetic Base LD-03
Adapter platform LD-14A
12 ft. cable set LD-21L
Carrying case LD-20D
Automatic Temperature Compensation IATCP
Notebook Computer (not included) LTC


Laser Stability   ±0.05 ppm
System Accuracy  ±0.5 ppm
 Resolution    ±0.5 microinch (0.005 µm)
  Range  50 feet (15 meters)
Slew Rate 144 ips (3.6 m/s)
Power: 90 to 230 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz


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