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Laser Doppler Displacement Meter

Aerospace Laser Calibration System for Volumetric Calibration, Compensation, and Dynamic Performance of Large 5-axis Machines

OPTODYNE’S MCV-5000 Aerospace Laser Calibration System is designed for a complete volumetric calibration and compensation of large 5-axis machines. Both the static positioning errors, the angular errors, the rotary axis errors and the dynamic performance can be measured. The volumetric positioning errors include 3 linear displacement errors, 6 straightness errors, and 3 squareness errors. The angular errors include pitch, yaw and roll angular errors of each axis. The rotary axis errors include the rotary A, B, and C axes of a 5-axis machine. The dynamic performance, including the circular and non- circular contour measurement is designed for the tuning of servo parameters, feed forward, look ahead, velocity, acceleration and mechanical vibrations.

The Aerospace Laser Calibration System uses the latest laser vector technique for the measurement of volumetric positioning errors. It is very easy to setup and operate. It is also compact, efficient and time saving. For a 5-axis machine, a motorized turntable can be used to calibrate the rotary, A, B, and C, axes. With two single- aperture laser heads, two flat-mirror targets, and fast interface cards, the circular and non-circular contours can be measured in one setup. The actual feed rate and acceleration can also be determined.


Two long range laser heads with automatic, fast and synchronized data collection for the master and slave axis, pitch and yaw angular errors.
Single-aperture laser head and a flat- mirror target for the measurement and compensation of volumetric positioning error.
Calibrating rotary A, B, or C axes by using a motorized turntable and dual laser-head mounting accessories.
Measuring circular and non-circular contours, feed rate, acceleration, and vibrations for servo tuning or dynamic performance.
Windows software, to collect data automatically or on-the-fly, and to correct the speed of light and material thermal expansion.
Measurement is non-contact, the diameters of the circular contour may be varied continuously to very small diameters for the


The laser vector technique is a major break through in laser measurement. It is easy to setup and to operate. It is very efficient and time saving. Usually, the volumetric positioning errors, 3 displacement errors, 6 straightness errors and 3 squareness errors, in a working volume of 1 to 3 cubic meters can be measured in 2-4 hours. The volumetric positioning error compensation files can be generated automatically for most of the major controllers. Even for a large gantry machine, most of the measurements can be done in one day instead of one week by conventional interferometers. The equipment is compact and can be fitted into 2 small carrying cases. For various applications and requirements, there are 4 models MCV-5002 to MCV-5005 to choose from.

Displacement error

Yaw error
Pitch error

Linear displacement error (top), yaw angular errors (middle), and pitch angular errors (bottom) of x-axis.  
Regular Diagonal Position Error
Diagonal Position Error

Body diagonal displacement errors without compensation (top) and with volumetric compensation (bottom), a 300% improvement.
Errors in Angle

Angular errors of rotary axis (top) for   MCV-5003 and MCV 5005. Non-circular contour measurement (bottom) for MCV-5004 and MCV-5005.  



Single aperture laser heads (2) L109ER
Two-channel process module P-108E  
Automatic temp. & pres. correction     ICTCP
0.5” diameter retroreflectors (2) R-102  
Windows software, SD W-5000  
Optical adapters (2) LD-69/70
4”x3”(100 mm x 75 mm) flat mirror    LD-71S  
Accessories for mounting & alignment    LD-03P, LD-03, LD-14a, LD-37s  LD-58   
Cable sets (2) LD21L
Heavy-duty carrying cases (2) LD-20D  

For MCV-5003
Automatic rotary table calibration LD-53A
Dual-head Mounting Plate LD-79

For MCV-5004

PC interface cards (2) IPC5-1000
6” (150 mm) flat mirrors (2) LD-71
Windows software, LB,PC W-500LB, PC

For MCV-5005
All the above accessories  


Laser Stability ±0.05 ppm
System Accuracy ±0.5 ppm
Angular Accuracy +/- 2%
Linear Resolution ±0.5µin(0.005µm)
Angular Resolution 1 µrad (0.2”)
Max Angular Sweep +/- 10 degrees
Max Range 100 ft (30 m)
Longer range available
Max Speed 160 in/sec (4 m/s)
Max Sampling rate 1000 Hz
Power: 90-230 VAC, 50-60 Hz


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