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Volumetric Positioning

For the measurement or calibration of volumetric positioning accuracy, there are many models to choose from. The SD-500 is an add-on to the MCV-500 for the volumetric positioning error measurement using the vector technique. For the basic theory, experimental verification, applications, and technical details, click on the Technical articles and Magazine articles. A few applications are detailed in the Application Notes.

- SD-500 Volumetric Calibration
- Ap1117-- Calibration of a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) by a MCV-5002 Laser Calibration System
- Ap1113-- One-day Quick-check System
- Ap1110-- Volumetric Compensation of CMM Machines Using Sequential Diagonal Measurement
- Ap1109-- Sequential Diagonal Measurement (determine linear position errors and straightness errors of all 3 axes with 4 diagonal measurements)
- Tech Article #21-- How to achieve higher volumetric positioning accuracy and cut more accurate parts with your existing machine tools
- Tech Article #20-- Measurement of Volumetric Positioning Accuracy of a 5-axis Machine By Laser Vector Technique
- Tech Article #19-- Volumetric positioning accuracy of a vertical machining center equipped with linear motor drives (evaluated by the laser vector method)
- Tech Article #18-- A Laser Vector Technique for the Measurement of Static Positioning Errors & Compensation
- Tech Article #17-- 3 Dimensional machine tool positioning accuracy
- Tech Article #16-- What is 3D volumetric positioning accuracy and how to define and measure it
- Tech Article #15-- A theoretical analysis of 4 body diagonal displacement measurement and sequential step diagonal measurement
- Tech Article #14 -- Measurement and Compensation of Volumetric Positioning Errors for a CNC Machining center (In Chinese only)
- Tech Article #13-- A linear actuator system with 1-angstrom closed -loop control resolution and 50-milimeter travel range
- Tech Article #10-- Laser vector measurement technique for the determination and compensation of volumetric positioning errors. Part I: Basic theory.
- Tech Article #9-- Laser vector measurement technique for the determination and compensation of volumetric position errors. Part II: Experimental verification.
- Tech Article #8-- A laser Non-contact Measurement of Static Positioning and Dynamic Contouring Accuracy of a CNC Machine tool.
- Tech Article #3-- Improving the accuracy of on-machine probing by volumetric error compensation.
- Tech Article #2-- A vector method for the measurement of positioning errors and straightness errors over a machine work volume.
- Tech Article #1-- Taking Advantage of today's CNC control technology by calibrate and compensate cnc machine tools volumetrically.
- Magazine Article #7-- Method zeroes in on volumetric accuracy
- Magazine Article #6-- 3 Dimensional machine tool positioning accuracy
- Magazine Article #5-- Laser displacement measurement
- Magazine Article #2-- Checking the Volume


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